F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Bubbles collection sold by CasaBubble is a trendy approach to temporary leisure accommodation.

How runs my Bubble?

The sphere is inflated by a silent air turbine, the blower, which maintains a light positive pressure into the Bubble.
The bubble being structureless, this light pressure will keep it up.

It keeps the air fresh and the permanent air flow avoids problems with moisture. The atmosphere inside the bubble is healthy, approximately 9 times more clean than outside, with no condensation, mosquitoes, dust or allergens.

Zipped openings and air vents give initial temperature control by modulating the evacuation of the air at the top of the dome, at the rate of two to six times the volume of air per hour, depending on the model.

How works the Airlock Vestibule?

The airlock vestibule with its rigid aluminum or inflatable structure, enables you to move around inside the structure without deflating the main bubble. The vestibule’s role is to regulate the pressure between inside and outside when guests move in and out the Bubble. When you cross the first door, you have to close it before opening the second door. It will work as a submarine or space ship airlock vestibule will do.

When you need to deflate in order to repack your dome, you just have to switch off the blower and largely open the two vestibule doors. The Bubble will collapse in no time.

The vestibule has room enough for shelves and racks to store your guests’ belongings.

About the Wood Base?

The wood base is set up directly on the ground and underneath the Bubble.
We use exterior grade materials.

If you can use your Bubble without base (ask us for details), we suggest to use the base in order to:
• Ballast the Bubble structure
• Protect the floor tarpaulin from possible damage
• Give a relative flat and comfy surface to the guests.

Wooden base is in option, or can be also made locally at destination.

About the Air Turbine (consumption & noise)?

For all the leisure applications, each bubble is delivered with a silent blower.
This standard air turbine needs between 55Watts and 109Watts to run. It can also run on a battery.
We also propose a special energy ECO blower version of 55Watts, with an average consumption of 44Watts in standard use, ideal with the CasaBubble SOLAR PACK, our NEW solar kit solution for the domes.
Those blowers are very silent (only around 33 decibels at 10′ to 20′ distance).

Which Bubble for my project?

For a tourism or a private application, CasaBubble proposes 2 collections of domes:

The « DELUXE » Collection – Made-in-France:

This high-end collection is the best quality on the market. Fully modular!
That means you can create your own Bubbles structure by assembling any parts you wish. All elements, about is the size and the shape, can be connected some to the others.
You can zip together several different Bubbles models with a bathroom Igloo, for a funny party or a large family accommodation, and use those same bubbles separately the next day, for few couples who want their privacy.

The « EASY » Collection:

These more simple models are not modular yet. That means the airlock vestibule is welded to the Bubble and you cannot split the elements.
However, we do propose in the EASY Collection different solutions as: the EASY DREAM room -or- the EASY DeLuxe version with its 10 feet bathroom dome.

Please refer to the PRODUCTS tag in the menu to get all the details about each model.

Choose my Airlock Vestibule?

The pictures you find on our website are only examples.

The Airlock Vestibule is made of: the Vestibule Tunnel and 2 panels with door(s).

You can choose the Airlock Vestibule Tunnel you wish: a Crystal vestibule tunnel -or- the White opaque tunnel.
The standard tunnel’s length is 6’1/2 feet (2meters).
As well, you can order the door(s) panels you wish: crystal or white opaque.

We usually deliver fully white opaque Vestibules (tunnel + 2 door walls) with an opaque or semi-opaque Bubble: Bubble DREAM or Bubble COCOON.

What is the Opening Operculum?

Most of the time, your Bubble has 2 openings: one is dedicated to the airlock vestibule and the second opening is made to be eventually connected to another element (bathroom IGLOO Bubble, extra bubble room, connection tunnel…).

If you purchase a simple Bubble, you can close this second opening with: a clear operculum wall -or- a white opaque operculum.

A transparent operculum will offer your guests a large view on the nature surrounding your Bubble. If you want more privacy, you can order the opaque one.

What is a Partition Wall?

When you connect few Bubbles together, you can separate its to give some privacy or hide a private space. You just have to zip a partition wall to close the space.

How long to set up my Bubble?

A 13 feet Bubble with its vestibule will need around 50 minutes to be operational, inflation included.
If you are not familiar yet with your new equipment, one to one and a half hour will be necessary for the first time.

Is Bubble branding an option?

Yes, we can partly or fully brand your dome, with you company logo or a full printed color decor.
Please contact CasaBubble for all the details.

Can I order a customized Bubble?

Yes, we can manufacture upon request your unique dome, with the design and the size according to your project!
Please contact CasaBubble for a study.

Where can I set up my Bubble?

The bubble will be the perfect additional asset to your property, as an extra guest room in the backyard, a TV room, a playroom for the children, a relaxing space or a winter garden.

You can set it up on a wooden or a concrete terrace, in a field, in the forest, by the sea for a week end.

If you have a semi-permanent spot for your CasaBubble, the best will be to find a relative shady area.

If the place has a wet ground, you can cover the area with pebbles to properly drain the zone. It will give a longer lifetime to your wood base and be more comfy for your guests.

Is a sunny area ideal for my Bubble?

If the sun will nicely warn your dome during the Winter, a hot Summer sun, with a high air temperature, can make your Bubble becomes a greenhouse. The inside temperature during the day might be too hot.
As the air turbine will capture the air at the outside temperature, the dome atmosphere will depends on the outside air temperature.
That is why a shady area will be the best.
If you don’t have any shade on zone, CasaBubble will propose you a Shade Wings option you will set up between trees, house or wood poles, to make your structure comfortable during the day.

Can I furnish the Bubble?

The standard 13 feet Bubble is a very comfy accommodation of approximate 130 sq. feet, 170 sq. feet for Bubble DeLuxe and up to 275 sq. feet for the Penthouse model.

The 13 feet bubbles can be equipped in many ways. Suitable for king-size or round beds. There is plenty of room for a cofffe table, two armchairs, bean bags or chairs and table, a TV/multimedia spot, relaxation and breakfast spaces.

CasaBubble can provide furniture and equipment:
• clothes racks with shelves for the airlock vestibule,
• furniture sets for the main and the extra Bubbles.
• full bathroom equipments are available for Bubble DeLuxe and Bubble Penthouse.

Can I heat or refresh my Bubble?

Depending the outdoor temperature, CasaBubble proposes a range of simple to professional heaters.
Our professional heaters can raise up the outside air temperature from 68°F to 86°F (20° Celcius to 30°Celcius) when inflated into the dome.
A Bubble set up in the wilds, far from any electricity source cannot be heated. Our SOLAR PACK solution will not deliver the energy needed for such devices.

Air conditioning:
Your Bubble can be easily refreshed by A/C double parts devices.
Your dome will need to be in a shady area or sun protected by screan.
Contact us for your project and we will be happy to assist you.

A Bubble can be very comfy under a warm sun, with an fresh outside air temperature.
In Fall or Winter, you take advantage of the « greenhouse » effect of your dome! That makes your Bubble a very nice place to be during the gray days…

What does include a Bubble price?

A solution « ready to go »…

  • The Bubble, made of special reinforced coated white opaque and clear PVC materials, with anti-UV treatment and M2 fire rating, plus an antifungal treatment to avoid mould.
  • A double-door airlock entrance tunnel with retractable metal framework -or- inflatable vestibule frame for the Easy Collection Bubbles. Vestibule can be clear or white opaque, depending the model chosen.
  • The selected 110volts or 220volts air blower with air filter screen.
  • Eventually an electric step up converter is included when the turbine is in 220-230 volts.
  • A transportation bag.

Is my Bubble a secure place?

Since our Bubbles are also used for public events, we have to provide products that macth the legal security regulations.
That is why all our domes are M2 Fire rated.
They also received a UV protection treatment and a Mold treatment.
All parts: crystal, opaque and floor tarpaulin are treated.

Is my Bubble fragile?

In fact, your Bubble is much more sturdy that a standard nylon tent.
We sell Bubbles which are in use for years, or time to time or in semi-permanent use.
In normal use conditions your Bubble will give you all satisfaction.
Of course, if your dome is stabbed or receive an heavy sharp broken branch end, the material will probably bec ut.
However, it is very easy to repair, like a simple plastic balloon an dit will remain as water tight than before.

What is my Bubble lifespan?

In normal use conditions and in a standard area, for a 6 months use per year, your dome has a professional use estimated lifetime of 6 years or more, depending how you or your guests act with is. Maybe, after 4 years of heavy use, you will have to replace the removable zipping doors panels (spare parts we propose).

However, we have in action some bubbles for more years and still in a good condition.

If the domes are placed in shady areas, you will limit the sun intakes and increase the Bubbles lifetime. The crystal parts being more fragile than the opaque coated material.

Has my Bubble a Guarantee?

Our Bubbles from the DeLuxe collection, made in France, have a one year guarantee against manufacturing default.
Each unit is twice checked and inflated before leaving the wokshop and inflated again before the delivered.
There is no guarantee on the EASY collection models, however these items are made with the best quality control and receive the same manufacturing attention.

Bubble maintenance?

The best is to take care of your dome as you would do with your car: no abrasive chemicals, soft brush.
You can wash your dome and rinse it with the garden hose.
If you use hard water, you can wipe the dome with a shammy or wash leather to remove the calcium stains.
In case of pine sap spots, you can try with care White Spirit after a try use in a hidden corner of the bubble to check within 24 hours if there is no bad chemicals reaction (White Spirit being not always similar form a country to another).
If you use a chemical, always generously rinse the dome with water.

What does happen in case of electricity interruption?

CasaBubble propose in option a Security Battery Back Up solution. In case of power interruption, your air blower will continue to run normally for 3 to 16 hours, depending the battery capacity.


Electricity supply systems using solar cells and/or batteries are in option.
Bubble SPA version Removable Floor is in option.